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Monday, June 03, 2013

head stew

so much is swirling in my head today, so I choose to take the easy way out of a post and just link & re-post.  So here we go...
from Secret Lentil's description of Helen Carter - owner, designer, renegade seamstress...

She’s a dreamer, a thinker, a fearless freak. She’s passionate in a way that is not contrived. She has traveled through the dark realms but she chooses to neither be ruled by them nor dismiss them, because she knows the world is also full of light and wisdom and breath. And she laughs really loud. A lot.

I happen to know Helen, own some of her "Protective Gear For Your Internal Revolution," and can say I have a girl crush on her.  and needed every layer of protective gear this weekend.

Another 2nd floor friend, Judi Witkin, makes the most incredible teeny tiny boxes by hand with beads.  they are amazeballs!  her jewelry is awesome.  My jaw drops.

Elizabeth Bunsen, eb, makes my eyes water.  I am so so lucky to be headed to VT to soak in the goodness of eb at her lake house...with a side order of Holy Belgian waffles - Kimbolicious and Judi right beside me.  i won the lottery.  i simply won the lottery.

(side note - my bulimia cat is dreaming - perhaps about the fat loud fly that keeps racing through the studio - and is meowing in his/her sleep) (weirdly, she is becoming more dog-like all the time)

and speaking of which....

from StoryPeople:

and, indeed, this is where my head and heart have been, when I suddenly realized a lot of broken links had been patched back together, and i was able to follow the safety rope back to the beginning and walk the ascent with less trepidation this time...seeing childhood friends who had gone on ahead, holding out a hand for me...watching my one-year-old self and two-year old self and three-year old self on grainy film-turned-to-video - treasures i never had, and so important to fitting puzzle pieces together.  it was a fuller than full weekend, and i suspect the overwhelming overflowing will continue for a while, but i feel more whole than i have for a while, and more energized and determined to Get Out There and do for others and myself...to leave a legacy that will make others get out there and do for others, just as my father did and just as his family always has.  I believe i've spent too much time in my life on introspection.  Although it's good to know your heart, too much leads to a selfish life.  and i think it's time to spend time away from my own head.
okay so onward with links and re-shares...

I will definitely own one of Asya's cups someday.  she helped with a special surprise once, and i never forgot how beautiful her work is.

THIS just makes me need a kleenex.
ok, time to nap...having some residual sleepiness, and have to get re-tested for Lyme.  husband found a small tick in his own neck last night.  they are around.

xox.  wishing you family ties to hold you tight.

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