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Thursday, June 06, 2013

I rarely, if ever, use this space to promote workshops, classes, products, etc., but I have to say I've had a huge number of conversations with people lately, on the topic of weight and body image and feeling like nothing...so I ask...Do these words mean anything to you?
  1. How can we be kind to our souls when we are so mean to our bodies? Why do we continuously compare our bodies to others? Why do we hold on so tight to staying young looking as we age, even to the detriment of our own inner peace? Why does weight seem to hang on to us when we are dealing with difficult things emotionally?
    There is an epidemic of body loathing among women and young women. The body and the soul are so connected that we cannot loathe our bodies without wounding the rest of us...our hearts, our moods, our decisions, our confidence, our inner peace....even our most important relationships & jobs.

    Guess what?! It’s time to finally make peace with our bodies...to stop abusing them and start honoring them as beautiful homes for our souls.

     If this plucks a string in your heart, check out Melody at BraveGirls.  This isn't in place of a good counselor - for that you need Ophelias Place.  But just maybe you can start the process of loving yourself again, either way. 

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