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Sunday, July 27, 2008

having it all

i found this on Jen Gray's blog and it just fit so perfect...she's a photographer, and this was written under a picture of a pile i mean PILE of straw hats: its okay that you want to a zillion different things. i am the same way. and that doesnt make us flighty. that makes us curious and so totally not boring. and besides, there are enough people walking down the same road, wearing the same hat, and following the rules perfectly. i say we try it all on and take what fits and toss what doesn't. i think the way you are is absolutely brilliant. have at it girly, have at it. this is YOUR life, not theirs. it just seems to fit my Recent Life perfectly. after a brief pause, i think by "recent" I mean since i was born. Diva does this thing when she's playing - she has 2 favorite all time no-one-touch-these toys ... white bear bear and PinkBunny. when you toss one of them, she'll carry the other in her mouth while she goes running for the other. it makes for a difficult fetch session for me, since she can only carry 1 at a time. i'm the retreiver. no pun intended. but back to my point. i've always been the hold-this-while-i-check-out-that girl. and for the longest time i thought it was a safety net thing, but in retrospect, it was more like a transition thing...i wanted it all - or at least wanted to try / see /smell / experience yada yada it all, and if the opportunity to do that came around while i was already holding 1 thing, then why should i have to give THAT up in order to include another?? make any sense? for a time in my life, i was pretty much able to live at the whim of my fancy...reaching into a bucket of money and grabbing a handful of Entrance Tickets. that time is clearly over, so i do have to pick and choose where i use those coupons, but that doesn't make me any less curious...any less straining-at-the-flesh to go / see / smell / taste / try yada yada. i guess that's why i have so many different art mediums flying out of my fingers at any given moment. i'll sit with an idea, but can't decide whether to work in clay or fiber or rusty metal or or or. such problems, eh? so y'all...please please check out Squam Art Workshops......this just has the feeling of Something Important. i can't describe it. it has such a sweet sweet spirit about it....more like the ultimate girls getaway with art thrown in. and the tone is purposely set to be inclusive...to learn. which hello means that you may not KNOW ahead of time what you came there to learn. there's a group of these art retreats that the same people go to over & over, and you just feel like you'll be odd man out if you go. and it's kind of cool that people have become close enough to others that they'd have a reunion of sorts every year. and i have no problem with that. but there's nothing new there, and it's starting to feel like a ching-ching factory....plug in artists, cash the checks, here come the participants (or "parsnips" as my brother calls them). the creator of Squam (elizabeth) seems to have worked tirelessly outdoing herself on a daily basis to make this New and Shiny and Different. it's like she's taken every single idea or "want/don't want" list from every parsnip ever to attend an art retreat and Made It Happen. everything thoughtfully considered from the parsnips point of view. oy i've rambled go figure. but go look. i have room in my car still....L

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