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a full time artist, stepmother, radio personality, and mom to an energetic Chug dog, tries to get through the days without committing a felonious act. My life is a rickety Zen circus.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

i have an exhausting list of things to accomplish…things i want to do, things i need to do, things i should do…i slept in a bit today, let Hen out very briefly (it's tingly cold out), then brought a mug of coffee back to bed where Hen & I snuggled and I read for a while.  It was a perfect morning.  I eventually got up and cleaned the house.  oh - the Stuff list.  it's hard to nail down what direction to go in - but it is crunch time.  do i want to disassemble my studio and make yet another office/guest room?  who are all these people i expect to stay over?? do i want to clear away much of my studio, then re-do as needed?  do i want to stay put, move someplace warmer, oy oy oy.  i need to point in one direction and Head There.  what i am asking for, no matter what, is a tribe.  a group of women to feel very comfortable with…to laugh with and share with and go on trips with.  a tribe of women to cook with and sit around campfires with…deep, binding hearts…connections that go deep and stay strong.  not just friends…but tribe members.  i get it now.  I am So Grateful for the women friends i have…i owe so much to them.  and i want to fold them into this tribe.  to me, a tribe is more than a group of women who do things together.  a tribe sustains one another.  they aren't afraid to go deep, when it's called for, but going deep is not an essential element to every gathering.  a tribe is a group of SisterFriends.  women to call on a moments notice to go see a movie or grab a dinner somewhere or the like.  i have many deep friendships in the area, but so many of the women have kid's activities on weekends, or other family obligations.  most of my life, i've had to work weekends, so that time together hasn't really meant much.  now it does. so that's my thing right now - a tribe.  in other areas of life for me - it's all so god! i passed my Computer final with a 97, and moving onward and awaiting some answers from financial aid to see what will happen with my choices.  fingers crossed.
my best thoughts for friends in the path of the storm this weekend.

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