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Monday, October 13, 2014

isn't THIS the coolest?? and nearby me.

an entire village of Tiny Houses that are amazing inside.  and they're all rentals.  built by the man in the picture.  Boiceville.  in Ithaca.

in other news, I'm reading Michael J. Fox's book Always Looking Up.  so far it's interesting, and the fact that he went from this healthy, active father, husband, movie star, TV star, etc etc, to dealing with Parkinson's every changing day is inspiring.  I want to bring my own sunshine…i want to surround myself with positivity.  and i've discovered the best way to do that is to BE the positive force.  i mean, every single person has a dumpy day or week or section of the road.  everyone does.  the difference is whether it becomes the norm, or if it doesn't.  and if the person seems intent on pulling at your ankles to bring you into the muck or not.  i have a deep undercurrent of ho-hum that licks at my heels.  but i try to blast it with happy, or at least a fake smile, to keep it at bay.  smiling is the best thing ever - it's like a magic chemistry is set in motion to release happy chemicals into your head.  as usual, not sure where this post is going, but the first word that popped into my head this morning, even before my eyes opened, was "Delight."  from nowhere - delight.  so i am expecting some delightful things today. it is de light all in here that makes me smile  :)
Last night was delightful - dinner and the movie Gone Girl for girl's night out.  a few of the other women commented that they were so thrilled that this group of us get together, because now they get to see movies that their husbands won't go to, and they themselves didn't want to go alone.  this makes me so happy to hear.  it is part of what i want to leave behind - to create community and empowerment in women.  even if it's just on my street!  but, as usual, i have a bigger idea…soon to be revealed. 
i wish you a delightful day, whatever delight means to you…be it a quiet day of tea and toast, or a loud, audacious day with trumpets blaring.  

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