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Friday, October 17, 2014

Best Day Ever! Again!

I have had some serious Best Days Ever these past few months…pushing through monsters and fears and things that make me want to say "oh, no thank you."  but fight and punch and push i did, and came out with some of my Best Days Ever! sometimes it was huge, sometimes it was a small victory - or rather what some might think of as small.  or not even something to have victory over.  like going to brunch with a group of 15 women that i don't know.  shaky shaky, but it was the Best Ever, and now I have a group of new friends.  organizing dinner and movies with the women on the block…not scary at all, but a Best Day Ever.  tonight - Best Night Ever!  raced from work to a dark parking lot downtown and overpaid for parking, but the attendant asked if i was going to be walking back alone and when i said yes, she made me MADE me park near the booth.  i walked to the hockey game alone, and met up with my brother & his wife.  It was incredible.  and even though i left my phone in the car by accident, the night was amazing & worry-free.  i talked about it non-stop at work - "I'm going to the hockey game!" all day.  it was the Best Night Ever!  Tomorrow will be another Best Day Ever! a hair appointment with Amy, then the Salt Market, then making goulash for my neighbor who is on bedrest for Lyme disease or staph - they haven't figured it out yet.  okay, so it wasn't enough to go to the game?? but the friendly man in front of me just retired from the local college - yes, the one I called today TODAY to find out about some classes.  his wife, who sat with him, is head of financial aid.  yes she is.  and the man in front of them?  head of the student counseling department.  now that was a mighty mighty set up, don't you agree?  how many pieces had to fall into place for that to happen?? my brother had to buy a voucher on a discount site for 2 hockey tickets, then decide to ask me if i wanted to go.  I had to say yes, even though i worked today and the game started 30 minutes after i got off work.  normally, i need more breathing time in between stuff, but i said yes.  i had to forget my phone in the car (who DOES that??) so i would be free to chat with this man, Ken, during intermission - when coincidentally, my brother and his wife decided to walk around for a bit.  an amazing chain of events, and that was just to get me there!  so you can see why i say Best Day Ever for some seemingly mundane things.  it just blows my mind to think of the Divine Planning.  i wonder of God slaps His head some times and says Oy Vey when things worked out, but were a close call.  so tomorrow, i can't wait to see what chain of events will string together.  Sunday is purge day!  need any rusty stuff, or jewelry making supplies?
also, i plan to make a list of the Best Days since May.  there are a lot.

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