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Monday, January 06, 2014

what's not to love about Alto Cinco?
those coppery ceilings get me every time.  and the food makes me want to rent a table for a week.  the best Mexican Hot Chocolate.  mmmm mmm.
today has been a day of wicked ups and downs, and though the details must remain within my heart for now, your thoughts & prayers are most welcome.
it has been a day of warm enough temps to produce rain, but cool enough breezes to freeze the paths into skating rinks…poor Henry wanting to go through the woods and chase squirrels, but me not trusting his little knees to the slips.  Having been through ACL/PCL surgery with Diva Dog makes me unnaturally cautious for Hen.
Today has been productive in the studio, though…stitching through wool and burlap as the battle inside sorted itself out.  or tried.  same old turn of the wheel.  though i do expect the brakes to come on soon, and i can finally step off in confidence.  i mean, enough already, right?
for some reason, there is a significance in six-months.  so many goals are for 6 months out from this spot, not planned that way, but meeting in a convergence there.  promising myself it will all be wonderful.
i've sent in my deposit in for a retreat that happens in 6 months, and it seems as though that touchstone homecoming may be the perfect timing … a reawakening and a balm, all at the same time…rest and recharge and re-meet my Self.  perhaps a baptism in the lake to leave the drama behind once and for all?  maybe just a good time spent with friends :) 
all i know is that after a time away, it seemed an imperative for me to return this year, and at that time.  some good friends on hand, and some new ones to be made this year.  it makes me smile.

We could live our life from history
But there's no future in a memory
You'll see my love
Oh, there's no future in a memory
You'll see my love

Now I found
Having come the long way round
I am closer closer than before
Here and now is all that it's about
Let's use it or we'll lose it

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