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Sunday, October 01, 2006

job terrors

okay - so i lied about waiting a week. this is serious. i'm scheduled to start my new job 10/9. the company put together job duties from here & there and cobbled together a job description just pour moi, i think. the pay is excellent to start. but that's where the trouble starts. right after that "pay" part. having spent a sleepless, tearful night (sobbing, actually) trying to reason out why why why i'm feeling so aweful about taking this job, the only thing i can come up with to point to as concrete is really stupid - the lunch issue. you get 30 mins for lunch, for which they add 30 mins onto your work day to "cover." no fridge or microwave. apparantly there were problems with food "borrowing" and stinky food, respectively. the job site is in a really bad part of the city, with no fast food or diners, etc around to grab something hot. the people i've had contact with so far - HR and the receptionist - all seem like downtrodden zombies. i guess the lunch thing is the only real, live thing, everything else is gut feeling. no one seems real happy. and as the time gets closer, i get more anxious, and my gut feeling has begun to chew my gut apart. i spent 3 years in a well-paid hell, and don't want to start all over again in the same spot. it's funny, the whole issue brings up issues of what's important, what do i want for my life, what am i willing to put up with in exchange for money, and is it the money? so some GOOD thinking is going on along with the yuks, but ....yeah - but. i've spent some great reflective "down" time in a non-traditional, not-so-great-paying job, and for that i am very grateful. i also knew the time would probably be short on that - 1 year in radio is just a long time for the average "non-name" person. so my gut feeling about pay vs. pleasant working conditions is.........

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