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Sunday, March 24, 2013

fast or slow?

I read in our newspaper that COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, will be speaking nearby.  She has a new book to promote,  Lean In.  The book espouses her view that the women's movement has stalled...that women still do not have equality, presumably meaning in the workforce.  She urges women to ramp it up, nose to the grindstone, especially in those "difficult child-bearing years."  (that may not be an exact quote, just so you know.)  and most of what she says is true, from one perspective - the facts and figures of it all.  but.
i will take the view that women were fed a can of goo ...that we were told we could Have It All.  And that "all" was defined for us as a monster career track, beautiful & fulfilled & well-adjusted kids, a clean home, happy hubby, and a size 4 figure.  all before we turned 30.  and you can't.  just can't.  something has to give. (and i believe that's where the craft revolution got it's feet - old-fashioned, slow down making.)  I chose to Lean Back, i suppose.  i chose to hold life in my hand and gaze at it...to not just stop and smell the roses, but grow them and tend them.  and i will not have another round of women barging into the world telling other women that they need to step it up.  no sir.  i will not let another generation of women tell other women that unless they, too, stop sniveling-work harder-get tougher-achieve more, then they've failed.  all while wearing those ridiculous shoes with the 10" spike heels.  stop this madness, ladies.  just be.  it is okay to "drop back" and raise your children - they are literally our future, so i ask that you do it well.  it's okay to not want the corner office...there has to be worker bees to bring the honey, don't forget.  there are so many different choices in life, and Sheryl may very well speak to some women who want that corner office and fast track life where meetings & deadlines trump soccer and school plays and bedtime stories read while snuggling.  i don't have children.  i was a child once, though.  and my childhood memories are those spent sitting in a big green chair with my mother while she read every book Dr. Suess wrote.  at leisure.  then walking to the library and getting more books.  her only deadline was the check-out date.  and dinnertime.
but my point is that there are so many different ways to live your life, and I don't appreciate this next round of go-gettum women telling everyone else that they are The Problem.  i have more to say on this, and will be back later.  i'm going to brunch, and have a deadline for hair & makeup.

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