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Thursday, November 15, 2012

it occurs to me that I "know" a lot of creative women...I used to have a shelf in the bathroom with all my "sacred" books.  (the bathroom is the only room in the house that I can go into, lock the door and be alone).  the list grew, and soon it was 2 shelves.  then husband complained, so i started piling them on my nightstand too.  now i have my own bathroom, and a basket FILLED with Special books... Christine Mason Miller's two books, SARK's books (thank you Ms. Light), Stephen Cope, Melody Ross, and now Rachel Olsen Awes.  Some of these people I know know, and some I just know OF.  but you get to feeling that you know KNOW someone when you read their blog, don't you?  I was at an art retreat recently, and a woman introduced herself to me and said she reads this blog all the time and feels like she knows me.  (If you did this - it isn't YOU i'm talking about - it was someone else).  It was a a mess of emotions and thoughts all at once: someone actually reads this?? that's really cool - I'M really cool!  that's a little creepy, like someone looking in your window creepy (like Sue's dolls creepy)..all these things at once.  so i try to control myself when i meet someone who's blog i read...try to be cool, and realize that THEY don't know ME, and to be fair - i only know what they print.  I mean, they could be some slathering lunatic in real life (as could I, I suppose).  anyway, back to the point.
i spent weeks WEEKS purging my studio so i could fit a reading chair in the corner, and now i don't like the chair.  i'm sorry.  it doesn't make me a bad person, i just don't like it.  it looks lovely, but someone my shape has no business getting into a papsan chair and have a hope of getting out unassisted.  so it has sat empty.  and i want desperately to have a place to sit and read these lovely books and drink Constant Comment tea.  so I may return the chair and get one of those little couch-y futon things.  which will be good in case i need to get away from 3 animals snoring.
i just walked Diva around the woods and am smelling something that came home on my boot.  time to go clean up and read.  

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susan greene said...

The "creepy dolls" love your blog and read it every day. I overheard them discussing a visit...to you.