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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

post #2

geez - nothing nothing nothing then BAM! two posts in one daypart!  so here is The picture that started it all.......

yes.  that is me being a fairy.  the kind that grants wishes, not the tooth kind.  i was promoted from forest fairy, which, as you know, is a huge honor and i took my duties very seriously.  mostly.  and something interesting you may not know is that never not ever should you give alcohol to a promoted forest fairy.  hunh.  who knew? many wishes were granted in CT, and there are many more that are on the way but needed a little more time to germinate.  Judi - you did not get what you specifically asked for because there is something better coming and fairies can't always control the mail and such, so do not add this to your list of Things That Never Work Out For Me Because I'm Not Special Enough.  You are More Than Special, and that is the cause of the delay.  much discussion around this one.   and-  i never realized quite how curious and how unbelieving humans are - the number one question asked was: where are your wings?  and i have to say How Rude because never not once did i say Where Are Your Legs, yet you were clearly standing there in front of me, right?  but had you looked, i was hovering, so there you have it.  Rudeness forgiven, but in looking for the obvious, you missed the magical bits.  I spent a day with an Australian woman and an English woman (from England!) and  began to talk like them for a while.  It's bloody fun, mate, try it!  you can say an outrageous thing, and it sounds like whipped cream and cherries.  like "Oh those bloomers don't suit you in the least!"  and the person laughs.  i didn't say that, but it's an example.  I also met a woman named Linda (different Linda) who makes dolls, although the truth is, they are vessels for fairies who don't want to take a human form with all it's management and upkeep.  they are beautiful-ish, and she gifted me my very own Glorious!  she will be helping with a Large Fun Project i have on the middle burner.  i have a lot of cooking going on, believe me.  i never knew wish granting would be so busy.

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Kim Mailhot said...

Rock on, Fairy Girl !