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Thursday, May 22, 2008

to the bone

what's up lately?? it seems everyone i know, and everywhere i look (magazines, etc) seem to be in this "accept yourself" mindset. this is not a complaint. it is about time! i just about choke when i stand in line at the grocery store looking at magazine covers...and Cosmo - aaarrgghh. what an incredible disservice they do to Real women. of any age. it was the one magazine i would not buy for my stepper when we had our girly dates at Barnes & Noble. nowthey have Cosmo Girl, so they can grab your young mind and brainwash you into thinking that spike heels are comfortable, and that your A-Number-1 goal is to please your man better in bed. i got news for y'all...you make me prance about on heels all day and the only thing getting a massage that night are my feet. i remember my mom saying "Beauty is only skin deep," and my dad finishing with, "but ugly is to the bone." never figured out what the heck they meant till i was 40-ish. i thought it was one of those mom-isms that were thrown out to try to make you feel less ugly. i mean, of COURSE beauty is skin deep! THAT'S the point! or so i thought back then. the best part of that duet is the Ugly Is To The Bone part. it truly is. ugly, as in hateful and jealous and gossipy and 2-faced and on and on. nothing, i think, makes a person look uglier than a bad spirit. a nasty heart. i know some women that are truly un-gorgeous, but after getting to know them, they just radiate True Beauty. and that is so much more lasting and true and brilliant than any foundation or powder or diet will ever make you. yes, i look at pictures of myself growing up....when i felt like i missed the mark in every important beauty department...too heavy, too short, too many pimples, too flat chested, straight hair when curly was "in", curly hair when straight hair was fashionable. and you know, i wasn't actually all that Quasi Modo as i look at the pictures now....it was something INSIDE me that was looking back in the mirror. and that's what made me see with distortion. so as my contact lens struggle continues in Real World, my eyes are 20/20 in the spirit.....i am comfortable being ME...flabby ass and all! So raise a toast (or better yet - some toast!) to all the women who actually finally get it....beuaty is just skin deep. and ugly is truly to the bone. L

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