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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"…you knock at the door of reality
shake you thought-wings
loosen your shoulders
             and open."

"…but don't be satisfied with stories
how things have gone for others.
Unfold your own myth,
without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the passage -
we have opened you…"

leafing through "The Essential Rumi" to find poems to paint on my walls this weekend.  These two will be awesome, plus my favorite Night Sky.  a quieter morning as a certain amount of Tetris goes on inside…feelings, thoughts, beliefs, hopes…all thunking down into a snug spot, fitting up against each other just right.
Still trying to find a home for Purrl.  he is miserable with the lack of attention, and has begun to show it by pooping on the carpet.  he has been such a good kitty - he deserves a quiet home that will give him loads of play time indoors.  my allergies are wicked, since it's rained non-stop forever, and i haven't been able to open the windows to clear the air.
hey - want a cat?
I mailed my check to new Hampshire today.  not sure what's there for me that made this great pull, but i will honor the guidance.
now - off to walk Henry through the shelter of the tall pines where the rain can't get us.  but the mosquitos can.

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