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Friday, March 07, 2014

do you feel the changes lately?  it seems more like August to me…the month when everything seems to change for me.  Clarity has challenged many of my standards, this past week or two.

One thing rumbling around in my heart is this:
if you are an employer, don't discount an older worker.  i remember when i was in my 20's and worked at an insurance company, there was a woman who was probably 40.  i remember her as being Very Old and Probably Wouldn't Catch On.  truth be told, she was probably bored, and thought we were silly little girls. I recall throughout my various jobs, older people being phased out and warning me that it would happen to me too someday.  never, i thought.  i am smart and competent and easy to work with…i was chosen to learn the brand new computer-based system at one job, then tasked with training the entire department.  i was always chosen first.  i was always Employee of the Month.  i was a shining star.
And i see a trend.  i hear things i never thought i'd hear…"People Like Us need to show Them we can be comfortable around technology"  "People Like Us need to show that we are competent and can learn new things."  People Like Us.  coming from someone just a little younger than i am, who is dressing and styling her hair to try to look younger, but age-appropriate, but "with it."  It makes me tired.
I am the same person that won the awards, and led the charge, and saved a company a ton of money because of my ability to see the big picture.
But…I am older.
and not to write this in a tone of whining or entitlement.  just observation of my experience of late.
i am lucky to not have to depend on my own income to survive.  believe me, i am filled with gratitude for that.  You can't legislate hiring percentages based on age, yet i feel like there should be something to protect an older person who wants to work and is quite capable of working.  i feel as though i need to dress like an executive just to get an entry level job.  i can, if that makes you more comfortable talking to me, but honestly, i put those clothes to better use by donating them to someone just starting out.
and here's the thing…in becoming healthier, i also became heavier.  and the double whammy of being older and rounder make it very very difficult to get a fair shake.  not just sour grapes - have had my suspicions confirmed by 2 different headhunters.  i have an interview monday.  with a health insurance company.  i am eminently for the position.  i'll let you know.

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