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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

so strange today, as Henry & I headed out…the sun was shining as the snowflakes were falling.  sort of a harbinger.  Henry is already shivering when he runs out back to go potty - i can't imagine what the blizzards of winter will do to him!  He has 3 fashion coats already, but 2 of them need alterations to allow for his "business." He has mended my Absolutely Broken heart in ways I didn't think possible.  And in ways that have nothing to do with pet ownership or loss.  He can't possibly snuggle any closer at night, and that's a bonus…no need for blankets and hot flashes with a mini space heater sleeping next to me!
I've been in such a creative lull lately - so so many ideas, but no energy or interest in starting/finishing projects.  I think a good studio cleaning is in order to spark some passion.  I am also finding that a number of projects I started a while ago (some have been sitting idle for years) need to be hidden away so they don't mock me when I walk into the studio.  By having a fresh start, then new ideas will have room to come forth.  I am finding that my interests are moving toward promoting other people's work right now.  and an idea for a pop-up gallery is simmering.  just do it, says the head.  and so i will.  now to find Henry - he ate a large portion of (my side of) the bed last week and may be finishing it up now.

Meanwhile…this awesome T-shirt from Cayetano Valenzuela….

gorgeous & spirit-filled henna from Suzanne Masters...

an incredible encaustic collage by Elizabeth Riker (who originally threw this out!) It's huge and sits above my mantle now...

missing these peeps so very much….

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Kim Mailhot said...

So glad you have your snuggle bunny dooggie to comfort you, Friend.
Interesting thoughts percolating...as always. I hope the energy rises up and gives you the burst you need.
Thanks for the eye candy !

Hugs !