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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

locked out

and knocked overrrrr.

 it has been a while since i posted, but blogger (a/k/a Google) locked me out and refused to let me in.  after resetting my password 9 times, it then somehow made my email go wonky, so it has been a blood pressure raiser for sure.

so, while i have you here…yesterday I met the most incredible little man.  he is not a boy, because at 6 years old, he is an old soul.  he stays up till 2am drawing fashion.  dresses, outfits, accessories.  6 years old.  he is a rough & tumble KidMan who has Sight.  yesterday, Jan from the building took him to Syracuse University's fashion department where she teaches.  Yesterday, his little head almost exploded.  He told his mother "this is the best day of my life."  everyone spent the day choked up.  i came late to the party, meeting him as he was heading home.  his mother could barely talk.  not sure how they drove home.

I want that clarity.  that vision.  that focus.  i want to know with that same absolute certainty - who i am…where i belong…what is my purpose here…because i know it isn't to languish about in my purple bathrobe and walk Henry from time-to-time.

It was a gift to meet Ford Brown.  He is an inspiration, and you should remember his name, because he will be on everyone's lips very very soon.

Jan took him under her wing and will be teaching him to sew and shibori techniques and anything she is able.  Jan is an inspiration, as well.

i am wasting my time, and it is making me grouchy.

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