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Sunday, February 10, 2008


STILL GOING! oy. so far i have 3 gi-normous piles of "stuff" to give away, 4 extra large trash cans filled to the brim, and 4 1/2 shelves left to fill. all this after (what i thought was ) a pretty successful purge a few months ago. poor diva thinks she's having an invisibility weekend. at one point she was doing her Poor Me whine, and i kept telling her SHH! it turns out she was blocked into a corner. she was hiding one of her 4-thousand Greenie bones and i moved a large tub in front of her exit. i am exhausted. i took a short nap about 30 mins ago. have i showered yet today? nooo. why? because i know if i was public-presentable, i'd find some reason to go out into the blowing, bone-chilling weather and escape this madness. so now i'm debating....do i shower and relax for the last 3 1/2 hours of my weekend, or push on? i think a shower sounds (and smells) appropriate right now. i'm a shower freak and this is killing me. so here are 2 of the aforementioned piles of give away stuff...fear not QOTU...this will soon be your problem, er, blessing:

This was as far into the closet as i could get...the rest is stuffed in there. i may have to go to work nekked tomorrow.....

and the corner is packed too! ahhhh...the feng shui of it all! L.

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Holly said...

Heehee, don't you love it? I mean, here we are as artists surrounded by our supplies and inspirations but they can also totally bog us down. Love the Diva getting blocked in and her thousands of Greenie bones. My cats have hundreds of bouncy balls but all wind up under the furniture within 6 hours of extraction. They know the sound of the coat closet opening, because that means Mom is getting the broom and Broom gets balls. Love the chrome shelves. Maybe you just need some cool baskets to store stuff in - check Marshalls in Camillus. I was there 1-2 wks ago and they had a ton that are lined with fabric, fabric covered boxes, paper covered boxes, great prices!!