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Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh just shoot me NOW

look y'all....i just spent the last week - every SINGLE day - uber-organizing my studio...tossing, trashing, saving, packing, giving away, purging, cleaning (yes i said cleaning). and just for fun, i also organized my husband's desk. and decided to FINALLY make some curtains for the huge windows across one wall. so i came home tonight and said, "ok...work first, fun later." i had, like, 10 items to deal with yet...little things to toss or find a home for. then i had to pay bills. THEN i could make curtains. see, i found a huge wad of sheer silk in with my fabric stash and there's actually much more than enough for these windows, which are approximately 20' X 45" give or take from sill to sill. ok. dealt with the 10 items. yippee! now. pay bills. errrr. aaarrrggghhh. oh NO! i can't find them. i cannot find them. i CAN NOT FIND THEM. panic panic. they have vaporized. poof. pffft. be gone! do you understand they are g-o-n-e. now i don't especially like paying bills, but the weird thing is that the people waiting for the cash get a tad prickly when they open their mailbox and there's nothing from me. (not that Visa sits around going, "Hunh. nothing from Linda yet?"). and the husband gets annoyed when they call during his busy day making money to support my obsession du jour. i'm rarely late on bills. just when I LOSE THEM to organization. the last time this happened was after a purging binge. so instead of regaling you with tales from my oh-so-exciting day, or posting a sweet Valentine's day message, i am going to be going through whatever trash didn't get hauled yesterday LOOKING FOR MY BILLS. so...how is YOUR valentine's day???? L.

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